Baron Draxum is up for a lunchperson award from the Superintendent of Cafeterias Vivian Slopworth. The character designs are the best the series has ever seen and I enjoy the more fleshed out personalities.The characters bounce off each other so well that you're invested in the show even when there's no action because you just enjoy watching the characters interact with one another. Add the first question. Meanwhile, Splinter's plan to take the Turtles on a wilderness survival training backfires when Raph accidentally places the tank on lockdown for 24 hours. Very healthy and natural family/friendship representation!The animation in Rise is also top notch and brings the show to a whole new level; I would go so far as to say the animation, editing and directing is some of the best work we've seen in western animation to date. The new 2D series is co-executive produced by Andy Suriano (character designer for Samurai Jack) and Ant Ward (supervising producer of the 2012 TV series). It's time to dash, slash, skateboard, and ride with everyone's favorite Heroes in a Half Shell! You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. While trying to be quiet, they must also evade not having a sound heard by the Bat Librarian's Hush-Bats and contend with the Foot Lieutenant and Brute. Always a man of science, Donnie can't accept April going to the witches of Witch Town for mystic help on a science project. Four mutant turtle brothers go on adventures where they end up tapping into mystic ninja powers. Donnie is unaware that the video game was created by the Purple Dragons as a way of getting revenge on him where he secretly controls a giant robot that attacks the city. The bumps of his spine can also be seen from underneath his carapace. When Donnie's newly built Turtle Tank goes missing, he and the Turtles must find it. Meanwhile, Ghostbear has mutated into a mutant polar bear after coming in contact with an Oozesquito that Mikey defrosted. This TMNT is exactly what we needed for this generation. What they soon discover is that these girl scouts are working for Grandma C.J. When Baron Draxum reassembles the Kuroi Yoroi armor and dons it, the Turtles must find a way to get the Kuroi Yoroi armor off of him. Leo finds that the members of the New York Daves are terrible players and talks him into doing whatever it takes to change his mojo. The simple task of returning a single DVD just before its loan period runs out is complicated by endless craziness in New York, including an encounter with Ghostbear. Join the legendary heroes, Raph, Leo, Donnie and Mikey as these brothers discover a Hidden City beneath New York, learn amazing mystic ninja skills, battle absurd mutants… and always find time for a slice of their favorite pizza! The Turtles, Splinter, and April visit the Hidden City. The adventures of a quartet of humanoid warrior turtles and their friends. When Raph wins, he and Marcus work to pursue the villainous Scor-Pion. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (also known as Rise of the TMNT) is an American 2D-animated television series based on the fictional ninja team the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When Mikey and Todd spy on Meat Sweats in order to learn his most delicious recipe, the Turtle and the mutant chef become, Julia Braid, JJ Conway, and Kevin Molina-Ortiz. Abe Audish, Brendan Clogher, & Jamie Vickers, Ian Busch, Russ Carney, The Hidden City Police mistook Raph for this villain. When a powerful foe returns, the Turtles' only hope lies within the most dangerous place they've ever been: Splinter's mind. Who’s the latest addition to the Moon Knight cast? The Turtles discover that they are not the only weirdest things in New York when they encounter two villains from the Hidden City pursuing a dog-like agent. Chronologically, this episode takes place after "Minotaur Maze". Contents. Julia Braid, Jake Castorena, & Matt Humphreys. [25] On March 23 the first trailer for the series was released by Nickelodeon. Raph, Leo, Mikey, and Donnie are paired up with Ghostbear, Carl Sando, Meat Sweats, and Hypno-Potamus against the Battle Nexus champions Troll, Sprite, Amphisbaena, and Cortex in different challenges. Leo gets his dream job as mascot of the local professional basketball team called the New York Daves owned by Tim Dunkman. When they appear to take too long, Splinter sneaks into the Grand Nexus Hotel, steals the Octopus Elevator Operator's outfit, and plans to find the Turtles before Gus, Big Mama, or the bellhops do. Chef Albéar (voiced by Tom Kenny) - An animatronic bear who is the mascot of a failed Albearto's Pizzeria franchise called "La Petite Albear". [22] Besides voice directing, Rob Paulsen provided voice work alongside fellow voice actor Maurice LaMarche. In Karai's stead, Shredder prepares to drain Splinter's life essence to make him fully invincible, but he needs a rare substance called Empyrean for the ritual. [26] Each episode consists of two 11-minute carts and each of them tell self-contained, standalone stories with hints of a larger plot. Disgruntled, Raph, Mikey and Leo choose to rewire the robot, which leads to near-fatal consequences for their brother. His attack forces the Turtles and April to evacuate while Splinter and Draxum remain behind to stall him. 773 Favourites. It has made many new TMNT fans.Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a show you can invested in and love for so many different reasons. Under the guidance of their rat sensei Splinter, Raph, Leo, Mikey and Donnie have trained in the way of ninjutsu, and are ready to become the heroes they were always destined to be. Photos of the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Show) voice actors. "Turtle-dega Nights: The Ballad of Rat Man". Rise of the TMNT: Don and April. luleiya. Loose Lips Malinowski (voiced by Russ Carney) - A fence constantly on the lookout for easy money. Baron Draxum leads the Shredder to his lab in the Hidden City, where he has stored some Empyrean, only to turn against him upon realizing that the Shredder is the threat against which he intended to create his Yōkai army in the first place. When he finds that they ate the poisoned pizza puffs, Raph teaches his brothers a lesson in responsibility as the poisoned pizza puffs affects them in different ways. They soon get targeted by the Foot Clan since the boots that Sunita's human form is wearing are part of the Kuroi Yoroi. When they find that they are already here due to the selfies that were previously taken, they find that Hypno-Potamus was responsible for what had previously happened and were hypnotized by his hypnotic music into trying different clothes from the 80's so that Hypno-Potamus can target the journals that were written by. Could WandaVision usher in the concept of mutants in the MCU? Leo, Mikey and April investigate a mysterious specter haunting a themed supermarket called. Chronologically, this episode takes place before "The Fast and the Furriest". In addition to these news, voice actor Rob Paulsen, who previously voiced Raphael in the 1987–96 TV series and Donatello in the 2012–17 TV series, served as the voice director for this TV series. Due to how the Shredder is acting, the Foot Clan retreats to figure out what went wrong. Splinter learns from Mikey that he gave Baron Draxum a cloaking broach to disguise him as Splinter takes them on a tour around the neighborhood. 1 Series Overview; 2 Shorts (2019) 3 Season 1 (2018 - 2019) 4 Season 2 (2019 - 2020) … The comedy-adventure series chronicles the high-flying adventures of trillionaire Scrooge McDuck, his grandnephews - Huey, Dewey, and Louie - and temperamental nephew Donald Duck, Launchpad McQuack, Mrs. Beakley, and her granddaughter Webby. Rise is a really special show. View production, box office, & company info, Netflix Is Releasing at Least One New Movie Every Week Throughout 2021, Rhys Darby to Star in HBO Max Pirate Comedy ‘Our Flag Means Death’, ‘Operation Christmas Drop’ Star Kat Graham Signs With APA (Exclusive), Nearly 200 Shows for Your September TV Calendar, Wojownicze Żółwie Ninja - Następna mutacja, AniMat's Crazy Cartoon Cast: You Win Some, You Lose Some. A mild-mannered young bird and his best friends, a pair of rambunctious siblings called Fee and Foo, seek adventure and mischief in the magical forest that they call home. Upon finding a loophole where a Foot Clan member who can outdo an acting leader can assume this position, Baron Draxum leads the Foot Recruit into organizing a blunder for the Foot Lieutenant and the Foot Brute when the next Kuroi Yoroi fragment is at the botanical gardens. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Cartoon 2018) (1107) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - All Media Types (525) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TV 2012) (96) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TV 2003) (56) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Bay Movies) (29) TMNT (2007) (21) Why did Batwoman‘s showrunner choose to avoid recasting Kate Kane?Who’s the latest addition to the … While going after some usual suspects, they are unaware that the Turtle Tank was taken by Splinter, who is additionally invited to "dinner" with Meat Sweats. Nickelodeon and Paramount Home Entertainment are currently releasing single-volume DVDs of the series, each containing 6-7 non-sequential episodes. The Turtles, Splinter, and April visit the Hidden City. Meanwhile, the Turtles hold a contest to see who can withstand the smell of the corpse flower at the same botanical gardens. The voice acting is also fantastic, I feel they all fit their characters like a glove.Rise of the TMNT obviously has a lot of heart, passion and skill put into it. The official OPEN to the brand new series “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” is finally here! Sando Brothers - Two acrobat brothers in a circus who were turned into mutant. Could Swamp Thing come back from the dead for a second season? This causes the Oozesquito to mutate the. The official TMNT Twitter stated, "When a mysterious stranger arrives from the future with a dire warning, Leo is forced to rise & lead his brothers, Raph, Donnie, & Mikey in a fight to save the world from a terrifying alien species…the Krang! [27][28] The show aired as a sneak peek after the 2018 Kids' Choice Sports in July[29] and later premiered on Nickelodeon on September 17.[30]. When he wants to go for a ride-along with the Hidden City Police, Raph is mistaken for a heinous criminal called Heinous Green and is taken to the maximum security facility. Add our editors' Netflix movie and TV picks to your Watchlist, including "Bridgerton," David Fincher's Mank, and more. When the world is threatened by an ancient evil, the four adolescent turtles must reunite and overcome their faults in order to stand against it. DIGG, a trio of unsuccessful girl musicians mutated into burrowing animals, begin sinking the Turtles' favorite pizza places into the ground, prompting the Turtles to go after them before they have no place left to get their favorite food. It first aired on August 7th, 2020. Rascal Leo. She can assume a human form thanks to a special amulet. Edit. [3], On July 27, 2018, Nickelodeon renewed the series for a second season consisting of 26 episodes prior to the official debut of the first season.[4]. Certificate: TV-Y7-FV Leo goes the Hirsuté Resort and Spa to do a day of relaxation. Episodes have also sometimes aired on both channels at the same time for terrestrial rights. Rise up! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles get an all-new look, new weapons, and awesome new powers! This FAQ is empty. With Marcus Moncrief is in need of a sidekick for his latest "Jupiter Jim" project, the TMNT do all they can to win their dream job. Leo and Señor Hueso help the reformed Capitán Piel on one last dangerous mission. With the Shredder back with the Foot Clan, Baron Draxum enables the Turtles to enter Splinter's subconscious memories to search for the means of vanquishing their demonic foe for good. They have their first encounter with Baron Draxum, who is making mutants with the help of his Oozesquitos. Three kids work together to uncover all the secrets within their massive, mysterious apartment complex. Superhero Bits: 'Rise of the TMNT: The Movie' Synopsis Revealed, Wolverine Casting Rumors Debunked & More - Ethan Anderton. Ordinary Anne Boonchuy, 13, finds a treasure chest that sends her to Amphibia, a world full of frogs, toads, and giant insects. The entire second season aired on Nicktoons. (2018– ). April and Splinter encounter a gang of dangerous middle school brownie sellers at the time when April is selling cookies as part of a fundraiser to save the trees. [2] This re-imagined series has the Turtles go on new adventures as they seek to unlock the mystical secrets of New York City. An unspecified Youkai warrior and alchemist from the "Hidden City." Josh Riley Brown, Ian Busch, Russ Carney, Ron Corcillo, Tony Gama-Lobo & Dale Malinowski, Jules Bridgers, Alicia Chan, Morgan Hillebrand & Cassey Kuo, Jake Castorena, Alicia Chan, Max Collins, JJ Conway, Morgan Hillebrand, Cassey Kuo & Sebastian Montes. Origami Ninjas – Ninjas made out of paper that are created by Foot Lieutenant and Foot Brute. After a period of inactivity, it was continued with a three-issue story arc titled "Sound Off!" 496 Favourites. No matter the complications he causes, Annie knows that everything is better when Pony is around. and make up with him before the Purple Dragons succeed in their plot. During a visit in April's school, Donnie becomes enamored with an exclusive tech club, the. $12.75. The first 5 episodes of the series were released online the same day. When they go to his apartment, they find that he has started to see the different trapped fans as the aliens that Jupiter Jim fought in the movies and comics where Marcus has become more immersed in his character to the point he thinks he is actually Jupiter Jim. Masters of Barbarianism - The Masters of Barbarianism is a gang of reptilian creatures. He soon learns that the Foot plan to resurrect their ancient master the Shredder by reassembling the Kuroi Yoroi armor. The Turtles' lazy river ride through the sewers turns savage when Raph is accidentally separated and left alone. With Baron Draxum out of commission, Huginn and Muninn look for new work. Ron Corcillo, & Jesse Gordon. With the Turtles' aid, they finally become an attraction as pizzeria musicians while also reuniting a family of pizza makers. Though he starts to sleepwalk when the hair has a mind of its own and starts stealing stuff. Frustrated by his brothers' childishness during an important mission, Donnie enhances their intelligence. Shenaniganza. Hypno-Potamus returns and causes havoc at April's homecoming dance by hypnotizing the attendees. [24] This occurred during a Facebook event, which was broadcast live that day. Donnie starts to lose his temper and April gets help from Gentry in exchange for helping to catch aged worms for a peace potion to appease The Great Morgan. Having gotten bored of Splinter's Lou Jitsu stories, the Turtles head to a convention and meet Marcus Moncrief who portrays their favorite sci-fi movie character Jupiter Jim. His name is Spanish for "Captain Skin". When Ghostbear joins the fight, Raph learns that Ghostbear doesn't play by the rules. The Turtles hope that Splinter will make to the final stage called "Must Say Yes" so that they can ask him for whatever they want. Bayou 'Bearto (voiced by Tom Kenny) - An animatronic bear hillbilly who is the mascot of a failed unnamed. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Leo loses his brothers in a portal and must venture to the mystic Hidden City to save them while dragging Señor Hueso along for the ride. 100 images (& sounds) of the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cast of characters. Their masseus states that the people in the club have hair and Leo gets a hair serum that gives him hair which gets him the Hirsuté Resort and Spa. Leo wears a blue face mask over his eyes (with long tails down to his middle back), navy blue fingerless gloves (with … However, things aren't so funny anymore when Mrs. Cuddles suddenly comes to life and begins hunting the Turtle family to feed on their fears. What is the Rise of the TMNT movie about? Leonardo is a lean mutant red-eared turtle with lime green skin, a golden mustard-yellow plastron, and a blue-green carapace with a bright teal design. They will carry off anyone who makes a sound and place them in the kiddie room. The series was announced by Nickelodeonon March 2, 2017, and was initially scheduled to run for at least 26 episodes. While helping Señor Hueso at Run of the Mill Pizza since his employees have fled, Leo and Mikey get sidetracked by brotherly competition. This year's event, however, takes a surprise turn when Donnie unexpectedly gains ground against the past games' constant champion, Leo, sparking a fierce competition between the two brothers. JJ Conway, Chris Luc, Sam Montes, Sam Syzmanski, & Sheldon Vella. Sunita (voiced by Kody Kavitha) - A slime Yōkai that can explode and reassemble at will. As the Turtles get involved with Warren's roommate Hypno-Potamus being threatened, April remembers who Warren Stone is as she was part of a fan club dedicated to him called the Stoneheads. Game-world monsters are wreaking real-world havoc. Señor Hueso has just remembered that an ogre gang called the Makers of Brutality and a reptilian gang called the Masters of Barbarianism have book reservations at Run of the Mill Pizza.

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