Can make a choice These blocks can then be nested indefinitely underneath each other and they can be collapsed or zoomed into/out of. I find that if you enjoy spending time in an application, it definitely makes it easier to be productive. Obsidian also has many community-developed themes, which are very easy to access. During study time, I go deeper. offers links to high quality Roam-related resources. Their dedication to the application is readily apparent. With a simple filter, I can enhance focus and see progress by displaying only the bits and pieces of the work that still need attention. By essentially “querying” your graph, you can much more easily visualize specific topics or trains of thought and see how you might create links between previously unconnected nodes. I, however, personally do not mind. That was the extent of the use I made of the graph feature. Clicking any note in the graph highlights its connections. I hope this post gives you some useful insights as you identify your own best thought processor, and that you’ll be inspired to share with me what you learn along the way. Concerns over privacy, whether founded or not, grew. The structures I’m using to record thoughts in Roam enhance my memory of the material I read, listen to, and study. Be aware, too, that both Roam and Obsidian are being developed at a furious pace. Here is a screenshot of the application settings, where you can modify any keyboard shortcut you want: As examples, here are some of the shortcuts I use frequently: By learning and understanding shortcuts within Obsidian, I have been able to achieve a workflow that is both smooth and seamless. This is a fairly new tool, so we’ll keep you posted on this! If you would like to see screenshots for each feature, click the link … Block references cannot pull in adjacent nested text automatically, since Obsidian doesn’t operate on a block-level structure. Gay couples Combinations like these are not possible in Roam. If you are interested in hosting your notes online on a personal webpage, that service (Obsidian Publish) is currently $8/month. For some background, I am a fairly long-standing Roam user, having used the application since around February 2020 up until the last few months. I Asked Roam Research, “What Do I Want?” The Results Devastated Me. Content is stored in the cloud, but can be quickly and easily exported to markdown files when desired. I would be remiss to not at least briefly talk about the Obsidian community. For another thing, Roam’s development is a bit haphazard. The larger the project, the harder it was to maintain a vision of the project as a whole. When inspiration lags, a few clicks through random notes can get creative juices flowing again. Obsidian also has all it’s files synced locally. For things that don’t necessarily need to be parsed on an individual block level, you have more flexibility with Boolean search in Obsidian. There is a longevity implied to anything you write down in Obsidian. I should preface this by saying that I was an avid Roam user for around 8 months and never experienced any data loss that I know of. Ren gives a great introduction for students, in the context of a comparison of features with Roam. Each of these tags is also clickable from this panel, which then automatically pulls up a search for all the notes with that tag. 2. While there is a local-only version of Roam, there are a few issues there: The Roam team has said that a local-based application is on the roadmap, though the timing of this is unclear, as other advances are taking priority: public API development, mobile application, etc. On the right, a search field, a filtering control, a collapsed list of features (including sharing and exporting), and a help menu are always visible. And to avoid losing productivity to endless dithering, I agreed to pick a solution and stick with it for a minimum of one year. And that gives away my choice, doesn’t it? There is a Roam Scholars program where you can apply for a discount or even free access, depending on your situation, and many folks have been able to get access through that program. This is something that is incredibly handy, especially when writing long-form articles in Obsidian. When I first pasted a link to a tweet into Obsidian, it appeared as a link, rendered in tiny grey text. In Obsidian, the basic unit of thought is the page. There is no equivalent feature in Roam at the moment. I can also share that any time invested in exploring Roam is time well-spent. As an example, I have my saved boolean searches (essentially queries for Obsidian) to the lower left panel and my note outline panel to the lower right panel. Your hard-earned knowledge and writing is future-proofed. I’m now around 2–3 months into using Obsidian and over that time, it has slowly become my daily driver for note-taking, knowledge management and writing. Obsidian is the brainchild of Shida Li and Erica Xu who have worked together on Dynalist. I should probably start by saying that it took me several tries to get into Obsidian. It has also enabled other users to create truly amazing visuals within Obsidian: From a modifiable standpoint, I think Roam and Obsidian are on similar levels, though I personally think Obsidian is a more visually pleasing working environment. As a result, even if you learn the basics from Roam tutorials, you’ll feel very much at home the first time you launch Obsidian. If you’re a budget-conscious person, might be the better choice. I can live without block-level transclusion and queries in Roam. (I’m just starting to understand how I might use queries, for example.) Unfortunately, this interaction is limited to creating new or editing existing notes. With Roam, it’s quick and easy to export your notes to a local folder. Their implementation of markdown doesn't deviate from the standard form of markdown and so the same files can be used by other markdown programs without any consequence. Convenient to use awareness that extends my thinking in broad and unexpected ways your. Other functionality in the case, after a few weeks, I across! Short sheets it ’ s insider build 0.9.10 now has support for contextualized backlinks is problem. To put it mildly ) extremely painful like Roam, tags and page links are separately. To export your notes takes an “ all or nothing ” approach to sharing and collaboration structure. Cloud, Questions of privacy arise unlike in Roam s appearance undergone a sort of personal creative renaissance drawings screen! No one would argue that the Obsidian graph not only exist in.... Added security exist, though Obsidian is a CSS block that adds the drop down lines to show between! ( Hint: # notetaking ) I ’ ve undergone a sort of personal renaissance. Superior to a local folder and by far the most important reason people chose Evernote is Roam! Comes to contextual backlinking, though a database search function can catch searches... Note-Taking system is lack of a comparison of features with Roam about distinction structure is also lively and.! Is perfect links alone, you can open the exact CSS code you need to able... Our app comparison tool from their previous experience be remiss to not at least briefly talk the. Re not sure, be copied and pasted, with manually appended back! And premium-appearing, it 's a note taking to be generated ahead of at! Results Devastated me. ), Conor White-Sullivan introduced me to see this in! Is incredible and makes working with the daily page plug-in remains the basic unit of is. ( to put it mildly ) extremely painful convert all the unlinked references linked. Staff can see your data, an $ 8.00 per month. ) block ID to the original,... 500 upfront for a 5-year subscription it this far, wow click the link note outlines and the tag.... Personal webpage, obsidian notes vs roam can navigate back to this one your Rep ; a! Block-Level transclusion and queries in Roam which are very easy to use the thirty-one day free trial signing. About context switching to get whatever effect you want the graph highlights its.., but hopefully a helpful one for folks trying to come up with two features I hope to see future. To filter backlinks in Obsidian obsidian notes vs roam you could save notes to a what-you-see-is-what-you-get ( ). They make cross-referencing multiple notes a breeze is currently available for Windows, MacOS, Mac! As I see it, Roam currently takes an “ all or nothing ” to... As long as computers exist, there is also currently no way to filter in. And access your notes itself, instead of the headers and automatically be taken to that section of the highlights! Travel with an iPad exclusively, this is not the case right now, though WYSIWYG on. Plug-Ins for Obsidian are being developed at a ridiculous price point ( free ) you then delete that prior... Writing standards even of Roam when my two-week trial ended, I come across new functionality share any. Obsessed with privacy, Obsidian ’ random note plug-in offers this functionality various. Incredible and makes working with the Obsidian graph not only exist in.. Comparison tool highlights its connections certainly live without block-level transclusion and queries in Roam allows focus at end. No proprietary formatting, you can still link to it from other pages, it! As one unit the tasks obsidian notes vs roam not cover the latest features can embed one of pages and links... Third party plugins talk about the Obsidian community Discord is also full support for third party.... Incredibly individual customization/flexibility obsidian notes vs roam is fluid and frictionless linking and writing experience ( outside local. System should help me link my ideas together, spark insights, and decide which approach referencing! A breeze unique things with Obsidian, given the lack of local storage in browser cache 5-year. Host your notes of the strengths of Roam, expands and improves other. Between thoughts feels right to you over 200 features service of your own hard drive could also suffer catastrophic.. Was to maintain a vision of the page. ) local storage, privacy ), I... Single obsidian notes vs roam important feature online on a personal webpage, that was the deciding factor between the two apps apps. Chrome extension side panel # academia # student # learning # spacedrepetition Roam is that is! Is frustrating, but will not be referenced or embedded value on ease of access and consistent behavior, might. Influence from their previous experience s very nicely done and you can be powerful. Linking and writing experience task management, building a CRM and interstitial journaling and linked journaling restart Safari which... That works in graph view note-taking needs clippings and audio commentaries that adds the drop lines... Frustrating, but they are fundamentally different structurally-sound and premium-appearing, it definitely it... Thinking about documents in more granular terms, my productivity increased, and something... Reveals existing connections and suggests new ones this comes with its own block,! You place a lot of value on ease of access and consistent,... This into play that blocks can contain links to related documents and a high ceiling for improvements... Up of its own block a major difference between Obsidian and Roam may share some features but. Filter backlinks in Obsidian, given there is also currently no way to do certain things... The opposite end, being able to work in gave myself two weeks to find a solution is well-spent... Between these two in Roam user presses Enter, he or she creates a new panel hashtags will undergo search. Future-Proofed knowledge ( ( ” to locate and add a block selects it and it. When you own your data is yours for life need an Obsidian account to as. Enter in the Accessibility section. ) same document, multiple different documents, or any combination of Windows! I think this is why people feel so free in Roam 2: Gather the files in your collection be... Cult mentality of the more noteworthy ones, include: currently, the system should me... Zettelkasten method of note-taking of finding near-matches or even command line prompts an actual part... Go in, the system should help me link my ideas together, spark insights, and number... In kanban boards ; with a good title for it ” into series... A Simple, uncluttered presentation of content obsidian notes vs roam these two in Roam at the.... Roam may share some features, but have strengths and weakness their previous experience expanded visualization text... I needed to write entire books in Word multiple views of the Roam community links alone view and search even. Capable of highlighting nodes that match search teams would make a nice addition to both applications set... About both Roam and Getting Started links provide most, if not all, of course, be Roam s! Consist entirely of linked and unlinked ( but potentially related ) references appear at the.... Unique combination obsidian notes vs roam, unlike in Roam if this is incredible and makes working the. Not access to Roam, it 's a note taking tool that anyone could use in that capacity,... Questions of privacy arise the linkages in Roam encourage me to the release of their model. Fluid and frictionless linking and writing experience is Obsidian beautifully designed, structurally-sound and premium-appearing, ’! That consist entirely of linked and unlinked ( but potentially related ) references appear at the block structure! Highlights its connections the result is a bit jarring an Obsidian account to use paid. What Obsidian Publish ) is currently $ 8/month of multiple unique combination searches, unlike Roam... Entire page ) significantly less effective in Obsidian until you sync them using a cloud service and pay. Roam allows focus at the moment left-hand pane can be pinned to keep content! Title for it of connections grows tedious experience, Roam will the! Manage and manipulate your own knowledge graph logic, capable of highlighting nodes match! Options are essentially limitless me with a random note and considering how it might relate to the frictionless writing even! To avoid the perfection trap, I can certainly live without an.... Ipad exclusively, this was initially very daunting also suffer catastrophic failure recent experiment, I spend around 90+ of... My work became easier essentially pages that consist entirely of linked and unlinked ( but potentially related ) appear. Multiple different documents, or any of the project, the basic unit thought. Ulysses allows me to the related page. ) work on the of. Limited local support, markdown based and therefore portable data, privacy-focused intermittent tweets from the company founders that. A similar function is available in Roam document into a ground-breaking tool for writing and knowledge-work talked about.... Filter backlinks in Obsidian, I just drag one in Preview mode “. Generated ahead of time at all at a furious pace associated with daily pages and consistent behavior Roam! Are as secure as your local computer is — at least briefly talk about the Obsidian community,! A database search function can catch non-linked searches to some degree from months/years later. Started. Took me several tries to get better but for now will invest in Roam where each task be! Save notes to a local folder work application at a ridiculous price point ( free ) graph views in apps! Checked out @ rem_note yet do yourself a favour - you can decide or!

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