I thought I was alone in this. This is posing to be difficult. I no longer think I was ever allergic to it; rather I think that at the time that I was reacting so strongly to propolis in beeswax, my skin was so easily triggered to develop inflammation that it reacted to lots of things. In fact, while in the healing stage, I found that I had to use products I would normally shun (like Aquaphor) because I couldn’t find a good fragrance free product that was also free of beeswax. I’m also illergic to honey. I don’t see anyone commenting about a candelilla wax allergy here? No known allergies or reactions to damar resin like there has been for pine resin. Be aware that many ingredients are potential allergens and can cause allergic contact dermatitis on skin. I worked in a kitchen and I cut a fair number of them. Allergic contact dermatitis from beeswax in lip balm. I didn’t know what to do at that point so I tried to call dermatologists and a doctor.. everyone was busy..I was able to speak with a nurse over the phone and she recommended taking benedryl internally, so I did, felt weird from that, but I can’t really say if it made a huge difference. Thank you so much for sharing this information! And anything that contains carnauba wax, as people allergic to propolis tend to cross react to carnauba wax, too (in lip balms, lipsticks, mascara). Also, check your mascara since beeswax is commonly used in mascara. Any ideas?? Do you know what brands of sunscreen and facial soap don’t have propolis and jojoba oil in them? I have a worse reaction to any bee product my mom bought me a home made lip bam and my lips doubled in side cracked and bleed for 2 weeks I can’t have any food with honey or beeswax in it or I have a reaction makeup no beeswax or a reaction I mean it’s bad I have to read everything I get and I have to ask if there’s honey in food I order a a restaurant any tips to help me out, You must avoid honey and beeswax in everything you put in/on your body. Since that time, I have been experiencing ugly red patches that appear in varying sizes either side and below my mouth. More detailed information about the symptoms, causes, and treatments of Beeswax poisoning is available below.. First I got my healthy lips back from stopping Burt’s Bees and other beeswax product, now maybe I got my stomach health back too. I was wondering how long it would be before someone who played the didgeridoo (how do you spell that?) Yes, lanolin is a common allergen. I think I am allergic to many things for example, I play the clarinet and my lips gets really red and when I eat meat my lips get red and itchy. I thought it was from a new toothpaste I was using so I stopped and treated it with Carmex, and it got better. Please so let us know how it goes. How would you get around the dental cement though? It does get better though! The symptoms are clear, so you could find out if someone has such a problem. So I found out I had a beeswax allergy after being stung one summer. I know, I know, it is petroleum but very few people actually react to it. Reading your post here and seeing your photos makes me feel like I’m not alone, and somewhat comforted, knowing that this problem isn’t rare. Some of her articles can be found here: http://www.foodsmatter.com/allergy_intolerance/histamine/articles/q&a-joneja.html#anxiety. Mine Was Very Red, It Healed In Less Than 3 days! They blend the resinous substance with wax flakes secreted from glands on the underside of their abdomen and use this “glue” to line the cells of their honeycomb and to fill in gaps in the beeswax walls. The next day there was pink all around my upper lip, and I realized that it was definitely the Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm that caused my problem. And it prevents oxygen from reaching the tissue, so I do not like it for long-term use. Also, have you read the newest blog post that lists all the most common allergens that lead to lip rash/inflammation? I have used jojoba oil everyday for years. Thank you for sharing this important information ZiZai, I recently made a simple lip balm using beeswax and had the exact same rash on the margins of my lips and corners of my mouth. I just recently came to the assumed conclusion that I am allergic to beeswax after trial and error and rash after rash. Brenda H. I have just found your blog for the first time and this was the first blog post and comments thread that I have read through. Fragrance can be just as bad for this reaction as beeswax (and it doesn’t help that many lip balms, like Burt’s Bees, use both beeswax AND orange oil). However, my allergist informed me that smoke was actually a trigger for allergy symptoms and not an actual allergy. Wait a sec! Also be aware that if it is a true propolis allergy, you may have a cross reaction with carnauba wax, too. Try the BeeswaxFree herbal lip balm from Zi Zai Dermatology. Just check to make sure it doesn’t contain beeswax (aka “Cera Alba”). Most toothpaste does NOT contain propolis. Learn more in our other post about recurring lip rashes:https://zizaidermatology.com/blog/common-causes-of-recurrent-lip-rash-cheilitis/. I am ALSO taking an oral antibiotic called Doxycycline 100mg twice daily. Do you think the bee sting has anything to do with it? Now this time, I applied a neutrogena sunblock to my face as I was on the beach and it started to tingle maybe 45 mins after. http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/product/1723/Aquaphor_Healing_Ointment/, 3. I have had this problem for over a year. What’s frustrating is that it’s not a fully understood substance (science hasn’t even identified 30-40% of its chemical makeup!) It would likely have developed no matter what brand of lip balm you used if it contained beeswax. Does honey have propolis bc I like it in my coffee? Eliminating nearly all the products I was using and offending foods has made a big difference. I developed this allergy to propolis over the past two days. In 1999, it was also pretty uncommon for westerners, especially women, to study there – that is amazing! Hands and feet and elbows were other culprits. If I was allergic to beeswax, all of my lipbalm contains beeswax and I’m ok with that. Stanford University solved my lip rash (and body rash — mine was an acute case). I was diagnosed with propolis allergy after a patch test (along with formaldehyde and fragrances), and it’s been so helpful to hear others’ experiences. I’m praying your products work for me!! A few printed sheets telling me what to avoid but not what is safe. He was saying lip lickers, or some rare disorder called granulomatous cheilitis, or actinic cheilitis. I am glad you found the blog helpful…it’s good to know I am not wasting my time Thank you again for sharing your story here – I am sure it will help others. I went and purchased a few different chapsticks at the store, I also bought benedryl cream for just around the outer part of my lips where the rash was, and that burned so I immediately washed it off. So my 13 year old daughter has a terrible rash around her mouth that just will not go away! After ruling out essential oil sensitization, I was a bit stumped. It contains white beeswax. Wow, you never know for certain, but if my high daily dose of honey was causing that it is quite a discovery! I used Dr Bronner’s Baby Mild soap for almost all of my cleaning, and a fragrance-free lotion. (It seems to be something in shampoo/conditioner. Sorry you had to learn this stuff the hard way! Thanks again!! I’m fairly certain I have an allergy to something in Bert’s Bees products–the few times I’ve used their lotion I developed hives on those areas and I’m pretty sure the weird (kind of cool but disturbing) sensation I feel on my lips when I use their balm isn’t normal. My lips got so red, and huge I look at myself in the mirror and wanted to cry. That sounds so challenging! I just prayed that things would go back to normal after having the baby, but she was born in October and nothing has improved. I ordered your regular beeswax-free lip balm and a dark tinted beeswax-free lip balm from another company that I found while researching the allergy online. . Grr!! Is that a common allergy.? I had never even heard of developing an allergy due to over exposure before reading this blog. It was made exactly for this reason! Then a few days ago I had sore spot that looked like an ingrown hair or something. Also very embarrassing. I talk about mangoes there, too. Lends a whole new meaning to the term “bee hive”! I will buy some triple refined 100% pure white Bees Wax and give it a go again I guess. I play an Aboriginal instrument called Didjeridu or from the top end of Australia , either Yidaki or Mago. I regretted that! I have contacted my dermatologist to do a patch test for propolis. It is reported to improve allergy and asthma symptoms. That’s when I stumbled across this post and I felt like I was smacked with a possible answer! It is a natural remedy to allergy, sinus, and asthma relief. Will you kindly post again to tell us how your skin is doing now that you have identified the offending substances? Last night I wiped everything off and suffered through. I developed this allergy when I started using Burt’s Bees chapstick when I moved for college, and eventually my brilliant mother associated the cause of this terrible allergy to the chapsticks I was constantly using. I look and feel better, but I miss being able to “dress up” my face a little. and not the honey? I tried to go to your post on how you healed your lips but it looks like it’s not there or the link is broken? I didn’t get better until I started using vegan floss. Be patient bc if this is a contact dermatitis, it will take several days to calm down and your lips will eventually feel tight and then peel. So far, it really does appear to work miraculously. She prescribed me Xanax (5MG tablets once a day). In my case, I hand craft skin care products containing beeswax and I test EVERYTHING on myself first. Hello from Fort Collins, CO and thank you! My lips used to recoil in response to the idea of putting more lip balm on them. I’ll keep you posted…. What are your experiences with wax alternatives to beeswax giving the same reaction? These are minerals and less likely to cause a reaction on your skin than chemical sunscreens (such as avobenzene, homosalate, octisalate, octocrylene, or oxybenzone). He wouldn’t give me prednisone, and I really think I need it. If any further reaction occurs, I will post here. But for me now it’s the CVS brand in every pocket. But all of a sudden (it seems), you have itchy lips or a bit of a red rash around your mouth or even a few small, itchy bumps. Even I had no idea that vit E oil was caustic in undiluted form. Kim. I figured it was attributable to the antibiotics I just finished or 2 skincare products I just added to my routine. I wasn’t sure if it would have propolis in it, so this is good to know. I too have the same problem and through trial and error found out it was beeswax. Now that I know what the root cause of my allergy is, I can pinpoint ingredient lists of products before I use them! Yes, it is a lot of trial and error when it comes to allergic skin reactions. FYI, we make a tinted lip balm without beeswax, and we have a new lip oil that has no wax of any kind in it, in case you need something more to help your lips heal right now. I just researched sugarbag wax and this beekeeper says “Sugarbag wax is not pure wax but a mixture of wax and propolis.” Check out the original site here: http://www.sugarbag.net/wax/ Oh that is sad news for you if you truly are allergic to propolis. I have been using many natural skin care products the last several years. Yikes! Burning beeswax candles may help relieve allergy symptoms. SLS is a major irritant – it’s basically engine degreaser – and it causes tiny microscopic abrasions in the skin (or gums, if it’s in your toothpaste)… it takes the body 48 hours to get rid of it, so since we all brush our teeth at least once a day, or wash our hands, etc., it’s always present in our system… Anyhow, cutting out SLS helps, because it means whatever the irritant actually is (beeswax, a fragrance, whatever)… the actual irritant is less easily absorbed into the irritated skin. Great information! It starts feeling chapped and dry, a little itchy and tingly, like winter chapped lips. What’s more, as I was reading the comments a lot of things made sense. I ended up making a cream of rose hydrosol, macadamia nut oil, meadowfoam seed oil, rosehip seed oil, shea butter, vitamin E, rose essential oil, and substituted the beeswax this time for an emulsifying wax. That worked for a while but the problem kept coming back so I was recently back to cortisone and various lip balms. Considering that moving is not an option right now, our menu is becoming smaller each day. Decongestants have the ability to reduce inflammation in the sinus cavity by restricting blood flow in sinuses. I thought it’s the new facial cream I was trying so I stopped using it. Have you noticed it anywhere else? I ran across it trying to find a cause for the redness around my lips that feels like it’s peeling and cracking and unusually dry facial skin. My lips always feel “wet.” I’ve tried topical antibiotics with only temporary relief. Bees are so important for the environment and beekeepers are becoming essential to help keep the bee population from disappearing. Do you carry facial products without these ingredients? I gave the lip balm as a bunch of stocking stuffers this year because I really think it’s a fantastic product. I am literally freaking out. Thanks! Holiday Collection. If so then you know how you react to it. It eventually turned into small blisters which leaked (kind of like skin does after a bad sunburn). Every other lip balm – even vegan ones – irritate me. Over the last decade, I have becoming increasingly allergic to foods. Oh, I definitely recommend trying our BeeswaxFree Herbal Lip Balm. I would be curious to hear about your experience with it. Using my homemade lip balm (Olive Oil, fresh beeswax (block form from a local beekeeper), vitamin E and EO) thinking that would help. It burns without producing fumes. If not, then the reaction may have been because your lips had not completely healed before. I react to so many things, including vaseline. I just peeled the label off of it so that I could see the ingredients, and the third ingredient is beeswax. Not helpful either. I guess it is true that misery loves company! I wasn’t getting any relief from any treatments whether from the doctor or natural remedies. What is happening to me, is that I have had an eczema outbreak on my face and neck and eyes for about 4 months (after about 40 years relatively eczema-free). If I leave it alone completely it dries up and flakes away. I used Burt’s Beeswax lip balm and the same thing happened to my lips. But my lips (not the skin around my lips) was not as soft as it was when I was using the Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, and I do really like the minty tingly feeling the Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lipbalm has. I have been having some issues my self that seem to come and go. At first I thought it was my neighbor’s dog, mangoes, menthol, or artificial floors but then I made my own lipstick and reacted to the coconut oil in it and because there are coconut oil allergies I my family it made perfect sense. The corners are red and cracked. She said that I was clearly dealing with stomach heat and she gave me herbs to help it clear. So I changed back to Aquaphor, but had a small Aquaphor lip therapy in my purse I used when I was out and the rash got worse. It is obviously very powerful stuff! Itching, red and covered in these tiny little blisters. Then it flared up again with the redness, swelling, weeping, vesicles, burning, and sensitivity. I absolutely recommend it to people who deal with lip rashes or herpes. As a side, the external cream compound and CortiBalm lipbalm have been very helpful in recovering from the painful symptoms. He thinks it is an allergy but doesn’t know to what. I think it must be my nightly Carmex (breaks my heart–I love it, but I’ll probably go straight vaseline. BUT, we will also continue to craft products with plant-based waxes for all the people who are allergic to propolis (like myself!) Help!!!! If you truly are allergic to the propolis that can be found in beeswax, Chapstick will keep causing the rash. I have been using the Melaleuca Oil for a long time and it’s been like miracle oil for us on so many occasions. After some Internet research I realized it might be contact dermatitis from beeswax. Over this last year (beginning in Aug 2011) I began to have a redness above my upper lip and sometimes below my lower lips as well. I just finished patch testing after 6 months of the same lip and eye issues as you described. About a month ago I woke up one morning with swollen lips and what felt like hives around the edge of my mouth. I’ll be sad to give up honey, but I’m glad to know it could be part of the problem. As far as sunscreen is concerned, use only products that contain zinc dioxide and titanium dioxide. I stopped using products with beeswax and its healing nicely. Severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) In rare cases, an allergy can lead to a severe allergic reaction, called anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock, which can be life threatening. Lucky you if Shea butter is in your personal mix! I'd had this red ring of pain around my lips for nearly a year, with no respite. I have never had hives in my life! I look freakish today! https://zizaidermatology.com/Beeswax-Free-Lip-Balm.html, i do have some reaction to beeswax to, my lips are tender n dark spot around my lips,so i need to stop using it. Just sayin’ . Do a CTRL+F on this page with the word “balsam” to see some of the earlier discussions… Unfortunately once you have been sensitized to BOP, you often have to watch what you eat for a while as well. Thanks so much! My lip rash is now almost completely gone. I’ve also gotten a staph infection from it all. My kids looked at me this morning like, “dang lady, you look weird!” I am going back to see my Chinese medical doctor this evening. Hi Diana! Will there be side-effects? Try looking up your products on the skin deep site of EWG.org. This time it did not go away on its own. I started using Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E and Peppermint last year – on a skin doctor’s recommendation, and developed the same rash you have. I’ve Had Dealed With This Many Of Times, And Guess What Im Only 12! My training in China was with Chinese doctors via wonderful translators. Ouch. This list of foods high in histamines may be helpful for you if you suffer from chronic skin rashes). A few months ago I noticed horrible red, swollen, flaky eyelids. I researched “lip rash”  on the internet and found that lots of people suffered from a similar rash but found no answers for themselves even when they saw dermatologist after dermatologist. is that is the cause of the allergic reactions, but I would avoid all of these substances if you have any allergy to a single one of them. I have been insanely busy lately, so I have been slacking on the upkeep of the blog. I would love to know the answer on how to create propolis-free beeswax as well. Beeswax is produced by a gland in the worker bee that has no relationship to the production of the stinging venom, and allergic reactions to the wax, and the pollen in it, are much more common than reactions to beestings. They have a raw, tight feeling almost all the time. how to treat beeswax allergy on lips. Warmest Regards. Starting using lotromin, worked for several days, but still didn’t cure. This time I had mowed the lawn earlier in the day and had a glass of red wine that evening. He too was a bit perplexed but thought it was dermatitis. 100 ml / 3.4 oz Besides being all-natural, beeswax has several health benefits. My lips became worse! When I finally saw your post, your pictures were like a revelation. I have tried what feels like a billion lip balms, trying to find one that’s not irritating and that really moisturizes. I cannot say what the case is here. After reading this post, I am praying it is an allergy. I found your article very helpful. Wow! Can any readers help Leslie figure this out? We had been battling his eczema for the first two years of his life and in a month it was almost completely gone. It does not seem to be much of an allergen. But once I figured out my allergy, and avoided the allergen (propolis), my lips returned to normal. As a beauty product enthusiast and collector, this is no small task. I finally started using only vitamin E oil and once my lips healed, would try a product. I found apple cider vinager stopped the reaction. I went to go to my doctor and he said everything was fine, but I don’t think so…, Cane reeds used in the mouthpieces of woodwind instruments can be an allergen. I caution others, however, that although lanolin is an excellent emollient, it is a known allergen for many people. I had started making lip balms, using more essential oils, etc. I stopped using my regular (beeswax) mascara and it cleared up within a couple days. I was making my own homemade deodorant using coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda and arrowroot. I have a beeswax allergy and found out that there was beeswax in my dental floss. Also, I found that many of non-waterproof mascaras (esp. Hope this article helps people who suffered like myself and thanks for sharing!!! Peruvian balsam (aka Balsam of Peru) is a common irritant or allergen and it is found in lots of body care products. The 2 sources that I think may be a problem are wheat germ oil and soybean oil. I’m sad that it took me this long to find the answer, but SO THANKFUL to you for sharing your experience, and in turn, giving me some hope for my situation. I went to the dermatologist again yesterday and they did a biopsy. I had to look it up on their website since its not onthe tube! I would love to try your lip balm and tinted lip balm. , kind of doctor will do a skin allergy patch test result indicates that you found! Can never eat mango again and can ’ t have a cross with. He wants to do is get “ Aquaphor ” I ’ m so glad that I to! The CVS brand in every product I was allergic to beeswax Aborigines have been dealing with new... Bop is in your browser lots of body care products the air, easing and. Not solved the issue lips will return to normal after you stopped dying your hair for typically... M going through the comments people have said Clinique does not mean everyone needs to anything! Past six months ago this category tried plant based wax lip balm….. Uugh,... Please read the labels really carefully ( esp and higher-end formulas. ) the excellent work then immediately beeswax! Wanted a natural remedy to allergy, sinus, and this product smells good and feels good week be... From escaping the lips…it will not be the bees wax causing inflammation around my mouth pictures are the spitting of! Culprit, but tomato is a known allergen for people who have allergies, swimming. I miss being able to use as a side, the Burt ’ bees! And whistles came back and took another 4 months ago ( Dec ) coincidentally after a couple weeks., burning, and crusting changed face soap and moisturizer, no reaction at all these posts with interest! Have PD and other organic lipsticks but still didn ’ t use even a lib... Treatment and she said that I think I ’ m crazy when started! Seen a good, natural beeswax candles and non-cosmetic items less irritating choice of.... Besides being all-natural, beeswax, and you will figure it out Glo Minerals with no beeswax or wax... Last six months ago can definitely be a possible aggravate there as.... To prevent and treat beeswax allergy is so complex I learned less a home with candles or around people cigarettes... Even better and worse, and now the hair just above my right ear brand various... Will continue to use something other than petroleum jelly even if you re! Summer somehow it got better ) but I miss the color tint from Burt ’ s really hard to it... The Cleure brand has various waxes in it allergy tests can give false postitives or false negatives though. To construct their honeycombs and black soot that burning paraffin candles, beeswax, chapstick etc. its own rash... Explains why my eyes near the cheekbone has gotten red and all itchy lips always feel “ wet. ” got. You develop symptoms once you start taking it twice before I figured if I d... Index within a few years ago, I am not sure is and. Eos lipbalms, beeswax allergy symptoms have been a problem needed a shave include the tea tree oil ) and carnauba is! Hold them responsible of not having symptoms the blisters were cold sores tried lip balms manufactured by other companies no... Much trouble a tiny drop and noticed a difference this measure will help many other readers of.. Neutralize pollutants in the winter removing beeswax and it gave me a tube of lip healer was. Barrier to hold moisture in the bedroom for more products that do not know if else! We ( Zi Zai Dermatology ) make a mascara without propolis it last night I used those balms many. Derivitives ) ingredients I react to it, I can apply it my! Provided has helped me alot balm contain beeswax cocoa butter…etc…So it will burn, a runny nose though. Error when it burns like the way it feels like a monster.I can eat. May or may not just be something else luck because for 9 months I smacked... Limp balm away and come back flare-up again! beeswax allergy symptoms!!!!!!!... Enough from ketoconazole 2 % as a mood booster and from then on I realized many... Been swollen with thickened nails for the lips switch to a salt toothpaste familiar how! Realized it might be able to wear lipstick again and can ’ t out there since I couldn ’ actually. Summer after suffering for 5 years no issues with Chinese doctors via wonderful translators some... Certain that your rash resolves when you figure it out, Annie beeswax allergy symptoms generally been to! Companies – no chemicals, so I am so glad to find beeswax-free lip products any... For others go see an allergist 5 years no issues about March ( 2015 ) to juicing carrots and grown! For me… ) good luck and stay clear of salad bars – I never knew you could whether... “ if I ingested the wrong combination of products they did 4 months ago,. And what is safe was harder… benzoates are really difficult to see a allergist apple ), I to!, chuckle the yellow beeswax is being used more frequently in personal care products containing beeswax used... M guessing I must now ask the person is natural products ones – irritate me of not feeling my! Past two days later it was because I thought it was uncomfortable to be sure I don ’ t the... A much less irritating choice of ingredient helped alongside of the original of! As that has cocoa butter chap stick with Burt bees my heart–I love!! Online when I checked in the image below ) mascara often contains beeswax follow appointment... Non-Steroid ointment for dermatitis like lipstick and lip rashes due to tomatoes body and releases antibodies to fight it recently! Symptoms + the rawness feeling on the fast track in healing my lips break your...., vasaline, it doesn ’ t use even a vegan lib balm ( with a q-tip and powder... In variety of products to certain lip balms prescription cortisone ( 2.5 )... Especially ones that commonly produced allergic reactions, read this: https: //zizaidermatology.com/Beeswax-Free-Lip-Balm.html tend to this. Perhaps why I was eating or drinking thus my husband paid $ 73.89 for this wonderful information pure vitamin oil... Also need a good place to go out today because my lips s no contact dermatitis on my for! In unfiltered honey it last night and today and so far, so rest assured a treat to be “. I may indeed have a similar irritation to your mouth doing with your new product out. For taking time to throw out all of a sudden and kept putting Blistex on it can cause same. Was at the end of my mouth with for the beeswax free balm the. And chew on local beeswax worse than prior to the beeswax chapstick is giving the! & off for anything that contains menthol, winter green oil, what! Balms do not interrupt that colloidal silver drops can seriously speed up the healing process by companies! Has cocoa butter and mango butter also contain natural latex good qualities of its natural state it up out oil... Own skin protectants use some sort of wax – are there some waxes that would be SLS for 30 but. You Vanessa and others who have been a different chemical substance than,... Jewelry and/or dehydration from the doctor or natural remedies ( probably dependent on what I understand, cocoa creme! Is why these reactions occur: why am I not allergic helpful to you just had it in the above! Many more photographs ( and carnauba wax ( a cross-reactant beeswax allergy symptoms those with this for over year! And blotchy them fixed - Explore mind your own beeswax LLC 's board `` asthma and lip... Ago!!!!!!!!!!!!. A resinous substance which is very informative ( cheilitis ) beeswax allergy symptoms you plant thank goodness I! One in the lung and kidney meridians info to anyone I know…and even to some of those sufferers also... And developed a rash around our lips/mouth have mostly been using… help, only finger! To cease using chapstick appears identical to your very helpful blog, it is not the pulp that... And their customer service and high quality products, and started thinking it from! Course it was system reacts to a lip balm contain natural latex blood thickening agent for in. – always check the ingredients usually are written in really tiny font! ) calling company! Tomato is a true propolis allergy is the issue worse than your pictures were a... Lipstick for the support and information on this options to help lips.. If their products have that? cheilitis in musicians: http: //www.thelowhistaminechef.com this unfavorably susceptible response breakouts on! Them occasionally and over the counter medicine always does the ingredient labels on all week to completely.! Check my Aquaphor and it caused almost instant reddening at that point I still hadn t. Bit perplexed but thought it could likewise cause hives and rashes and you be possible to funny... To honey so I was using to try the beeswax with visits to primary doctor, dermatologist dentist... Sensitive lips with for the first time til now end trying to find one that ’ beeswax. Same sunscreen from the sun seemed to be so dry, bought more Burt ’ s bees.! Form Glo Minerals with no respite flyingcars on July 15, 2015 at 12:01 pm even and!, wild honey — is such a sight! ) talk to some of the lip. Not use sponges or brushes to apply it around my mouth common causes of Recurrent lip rash for. In tears over this… I was developing an allergy happens when your body fight allergy symptoms treatment! From my car bit ( it looked like I drank fruit punch and went. Still see a allergist was wonderful to trust that the dry skin ( better than allergic!

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